October 21, 2014

Welcome SCITS Students & Staff

Another school year has begun! With the new school year comes new opportunities and fresh beginnings. This is a great time for students to become involved in extracurricular activities and decide to give their best effort in all of their classes. Oranization is a key skill in having a successful year at school, and one way to help with this is by using a calendar app to track assignments or by using a student planner. Here is a digital copy of the student planner that all students receive at SCITS: SCITS Student Planner 2014-2015.

Enterovirus D68

The Lambton Kent District School Board has requested that information from Lambton Public Health be made available on the school website about Enterovirus D68 (EV-D68). This information can be found at www.lkdsb.net/Parents/nutrition.htm.

Metal Tree Sculpture by SCITS Students for Sarnia's 100th

SCITS students have artfully welded a seven foot high metal sculpture of a tree, complete with 100 hand-painted leaves. All students and staff at the school had the opportunity to paint a leaf, while manufacturing students crafted the base structure and the detailed bark of the tree. Trees are a symbol of life, knowledge, and growth. The tree has been a key part of the SCITS School Crest since at least 1914, and the 100 leaves on the sculpture represent the 100 years that Sarnia celebrates as a city this year. The sculpture will be on display at the school for many years to come! Read the newspaper article from the Sarnia Observer: Sarnia students finishing up projects to celebrate city’s centennial year.


Entire Collection of Yearbooks Online for Sarnia Centennial

SCITS celebrates a rich history in the heart of Sarnia, tracing its roots back to a public grammar school founded in 1851, and later as the Sarnia Collegiate Institute in 1891. In celebration of Sarnia's 100th, SCITS staff, students, and several community organizations cooperated in scanning all of the available yearbooks from 1902 onwards. The SCITS Yearbook Project is now online, and was featured in local news sources, including the Lambton Shield, SCITS team scans entire collection of past yearbooks as 'centennial project', The Sarnia Journal, SCITS puts history online, and the Sarnia Observer, Decades worth of SCITS yearbooks now available online.


SCITS Photo Competition: Sarnia's 100 Years

SCITS students and staff participated in a school-wide photo competition to celebrate our local history. Photographers were tasked with finding sites in Sarnia that depict the city in an accurate and artistic way. Winners were selected by judges, and also by popular vote. Congratulations to our winners!


SCITS Celebrates Sarnia's 100th with Video

SCITS Communications Technology and Specialist High Skills Major students attended a field trip where they participated in the making of a video to celebrate Sarnia's centennial.

SCITS Celebrates Sarnia's Centennial from SCITS on Vimeo.
Click here to download the high definition version of this video. [MP4]

Note: special event video release forms related to this video are on file.

Math Tutoring Available

Does your child need help with Math? Free online math tutoring is available for students in grades 9 and 10 during the regular school year. This service is available from 5:30 to 9:30 pm, Sunday to Thursday. Register at ontario.ca/HomeworkHelp.

Homework Help


Student Wellness & Bullying Intervention Hotline

SCITS has recently implemented a telephone option for student wellness and bullying concerns. To reach the hotline, users of the service can call the school at 519-336-6131 and when the auto attendant answers, choose option 5.

Callers will be greeted with the following message, after which they can record a message:

You have reached the Student Wellness and Bullying Intervention Hotline for Sarnia Collegiate. We invite you to share a concern on behalf of a student's well-being, or to report a bullying situation. At Sarnia Collegiate we take student safety and well-being seriously and your message will be addressed. Please leave a detailed message. We respect your choice to report anonymously if that's your wish. Otherwise, you're invited to leave us your name and telephone number for follow-up if necessary. We remind all callers that we expect any and all reports to be valid and truthful.

As always, SCITS parents and students are welcome to speak with their teachers and school administration when issues of student wellness or bullying arise. These incidents will be addressed using the Lambton Kent District School board Safe Schools Policy & Regulations, available at www.lkdsb.net.


Video: Leaving A Legacy

SCITS Communications Technology students attended a field trip where they participated in the making of a video about SCITS. This video has been released during the school's 90th anniversary celebration together with a new virtual memorial featuring over 100 former SCITS students who died in the service of Canada during World War II.

Leaving A Legacy from SCITS on Vimeo.
Click here to download the high definition version of this video. [MP4]

Note: special event video release forms related to this video are on file.


SCITS Virtual Memorial

Over 100 former SCITS students died in the service of Canada during World War II. As part of SCITS' 90th anniversary celebrations, a new project honours their memory at www.lkdsb.net/scits/memorial.

Over 100 former students are honoured on the website which links the names of the former SCITS students to information found on the Veterans Affairs Canada website. The available information includes rank, service number, birth date, age at death, date of death, force, unit, and division, as well as parents' names, burial information, and sometimes collections of photographs or newspaper clippings.

The idea came from some of the students who had seen the names engraved on a memorial plaque displayed outside the school's main office, and also had heard the names read out loud at the school's annual Remembrance Day service.


SHSM in Arts & Culture

SCITS is a Specialist High Skills Major School!

SCITS offers an SHSM program in the area of Arts & Culture. If you are a student taking courses in the Arts (visual, dramatic, musical), Technology (construction, manufacturing, design, communications), Media Studies, Fashion, or Computer Studies, you may wish to consider participating in this exciting program that gives you training and experience beyond the classroom!

See http://scits.lkdsb.net/arts for more information!


Arts & Culture